Ang Low defies easy categorization, with the exception of one: effortless talent. With a golden voice, his is a story of constant discovery and change. From military brat / choir boy, to petty thug. A rising star chef to major label signee (UMG For Life goes down Ep) - Ang Low has seen it all.  In his latest collection of songs, he's synthesized two essential sides of his history: that of angel-voiced gospel singer, and that of the gritty, dancehall sound tracked street hustler-turned-pop-star.  "Get Together Baby" is an introduction to his Lp dropping in the fall made with brooklyn Producers Jeff fettig and dan Drohan

Following the success of his earlier EPs - with his debut "Life Goes Down" (Universal Music Group) cresting 1 million plays on Spotify -  his forthcoming LP, "UP" is a clear move forward.  Befor his LP Drops Ang steps into his own as a songwriter and storyteller, cooking up tales of love and heartache on the streets of his imagination, while the musical world behind him just... slaps.  Created with Brooklyn based songwriter/producer Andrew Fox (Domino Publishing) and production collective The Creamery, the music is truly Ang Low's world - a gospel-dancehall feast for the ears.   The record is currently being mixed by James Hinton (The Range - Domino all in).   

Ang Low will be Releasing Singles and LP will be dropping in the fall.