You ever have one of those days that everything that can go wrong goes wrong. The last few days had me lit AF. Leading up to a Live performance, I sprained my ankle and got a cold all in the same weekend. I was frustrated, getting down on myself, complaining that I had practiced everyday, done everything my teachers always told me about preparation. I work out and stretch daily. This just shouldn't happen to me. I was panicking, looking for remedies and quick fixes for the show, could find nothing and freaked. 

I sat there thinking, this can't be something that gets me down, and I said to myself, you gotta keep going. Just keep going. Whats the point complaining about where you are. I couldn’t change what happened at all.  

I thought about the many times I’ve given up on something giving an excuse why i couldn’t. Music never felt like I needed an excuse to keep going. I just went with it and managed and felt good about my self because in the end no matter what happened you finished. Sometimes successful and uplifting, but sometimes not. You Just Keep Going!