The last 2 years have been great! I worked with some badass songwriters and with a great manager.  I was signed to a few labels for release. I had a great time working with some amazing people in the industry. Although I went through this amazing experience, I left feeling like I needed more than a label and manager telling me how to write a song, how to deliver my story. I felt like I could never be me. There is so much branding involved and you start to lose your self while not knowing who you really are yet.

I walked away from trying to make hits everytime I created music to making what inspired me... plain and simple.  It was fresh and tough and I knew this was the right path for me right now. I know that this journey will be a long one, but every time i write music, its worth it. Each time i create I evolve. 

I hope that my fans and friends will join me on this journey, its gonna continue to be great!

Money will come and go, labels will come and go, popularity will come and go. What inspires me will always be there. Music inspires me and I want to share my love of music with the world.