From the moment I knew I could write a song I began writing. Singing with friends in my junior high school quior, having riffing battles after the school games, at lunch time, before school.. during and after and singing in my church all gave me this understanding of the happiness music could bring. Music was always present and accepting of my creativity when I felt like not much else was. I was basically a theatre geek until i got into a bad accident and my face was slashed. I was looked at differently when I went back to my old music sources... some people told me flat out,  "we can't use you" I felt like I didn't belong, and mostly I felt Like I needed to find my own way to create, and writing music had been what I always did, so I went for it.

 I began creating my own material around 19. I sang my material for about 2 years with a 5 piece band. I eventually went solo, networked material into the hands of people who heard something special and began writing my first EP. "Life Goes Down"

Through every step in my music career there has been things that got me up, that got in the way, that made me feel like what i was doing might not be worth it. But then I start singing or writing a song and i feel better ... about everything.  Whenever I sit down to write I become a different person. There is this rush at the beginning of each track as your mind, that was blank a few seconds ago begins churning ideas about a story line and how to build it to create a cohesive story but still be a bit mysterious, while being absolutely clear. You become someone else for a few hours and you come out of that session feeling like you've left a dream. Nothing else does that. That is why I write.