Beyond Your Wildest Dreams , Say Goodbye obamacare

Make America Great Again, come with me if you dare 

Sold us things, a charmer you were

smooth talking salesman, promises by the word  


We were waiting on ya, that insurance bluff

I guess when Obama worked it, it wasn’t that rough

That ole big wall, you jeered crowds with

knowing that would never happen, not under a decent society’s shift


Just words i guess, I mean, what the hell? 

“Grab em by the pussy” is all I remember well ...


Been knowing you was seedy tho, when apprentice got a rush

All those black people for ratings and none of them based on enough

But never fear and don’t be sparkled .. us people done found the altar 

I mean the only fools involved really was Kaitlyn and Arnold


Those people you had to knock, just to get to the top 

Oh poor Billy Bush.. but he deserved what he got

The end of that stick, all that sucking up for nothing 

He shoulda just sucked yo dick, got paid and been done with it


You got Rudy, Chris and Mr McCain

all the people you claimed would help save the day

Now they angry, unsure or out of a job 

They used to be ya homies, now they talking shit for blogs


President oh President, don’t you hear what the people say

 not the small crowd gathered to cheer you some days 

Its not about trans, insurance or Ms 13.. 

they was here way before.. we been working on them thangs 


Its the way you hold meetings, in your exclusive clubs 

you tryna play the Mob, like being POTUS aint enough

Its the way you hold your nose up, when you talking to the press

lets us normal people know you don’t connect with us yet


People’s only connection, to hearing what’s been said

the little t.v, on the side of our bed

Eager reports, of how the world turns

they not coming for you Mr. President, just making sure they confirmed


What more can we say, to show you WE ARE HERE

We gon keep speaking, till you far outta care

We not at your table with your cabinet of lies

that circle of praise from inauguration night 


We just want a chance, for new things to explore

Women and Black Presidents, being just the crack in the door


It’s hard sometimes to move with the times 

I mean not so long ago being black was a crime

But things change, and we wait for things to align

you’ll be gone, back to reality TV

and someone else can get in that line