When I began songwriting, not a session would go by without me thinking.. "I wonder if my manager or label or even friends will like what I'm doing. I would create music with everyone else in mind but never what I wanted. 

What changed for me was playing a empty show. There was literally no one in the bars but myself. It was humbling and frustrating as the sound guy went to sleep and the bartenders stepped off for smokes. But in spite of the setting, I felt good because I was in my feelings and all I could do was let my own music make me feel better. No one was there to say if it was right or wrong.. it was just me. I sang it the way I wanted, moved without conviction.

I realized that night trying to make music for anyone, especially if they aint checkin for me was pointless. I began writing my own material and learning things on the production side, investing myself into what I think makes an album great.

 I make music for the people because I am one of the people. I think about the same things as the next guy. My voice is yours, your stories are mine, I may sing it different but we all mean the same thing.