I am a writer, I am a musician, I am a producer. I have gotten to my creative because of my love of my craft and through experiences that led me back to them.

I sat in a recent meeting with a Scout/Manager who loved my music but thought I needed better branding.. he went into a list of artist who he thought I could be like and how that image and type of songwriting would benefit me. 

I went back home and did research on all these artist we discussed, trying to visualize how I could be more "hood" or "edgier" like them. I almost went as far as to call him back and ask him more about it .. I was asking a mid 50's white guy from the suburbs about how to be hood..smh. By the end of the day I was confused and frustrated because I couldn't be like them. 

 I was that kid in school that got teased for "talking white" or "too high"when around black people, and that angry poor black kid around white people. But got by with everyone cause I could sing. Music saved me most days. I was that kid getting suspended for cursing at my teacher's, or almost expelled for a weapon.. but never getting in to much trouble because I sang in quior and the high school shows.. also my mom begged.

Yes I was poor, had issues with drugs. I was weird. It was not a "cool" moment, more just experiences that taught me how I need to live to survive. Some things I need, some things I don't. Music was what I needed. I never knew how to fit into my surroundings and I don't feel my music career should be any different.

So... I appreciate the feedback but I am happy just being Ang Low, and letting my evolution play out. Im happy being me, I don't think we are all made to follow in others footsteps. I am an individual.

I get offended when you try to exploit met. I get offended when you ask me about the hood. I love when I write a song about growing up rough, but hate when you say add that drug part in.  I hate when you ask me if I can dance..